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The best place to live in Ho Chi Minh City

The best place to live in Ho Chi Minh City is the one that meets your needs. If you are young, single, and you want to party all night then you might like district 1. According to my Vietnamese friends, the best place to live is district 3. I used to live in district 3 and for me it is not a good place to live.

At the beginning of 2015, I and my wife decided to buy a new home for us. The house in district 3 is too small for our needs. The area is very good but all I could hear all day was the music coming from Thien Hoa Electric Shop (the one located on Cach Mang Thang Tam street). They turn up the music and wait for the clients who are not coming because of the music.

Another reason I don’t like that place (and most of the places in Saigon) is the neighbors who sing karaoke every single night. Instead of listening to my favorite music I was forced to listen to Vietnamese karaoke.

The third reason I don’t like that place is the environment. The house is placed on a small alley which is clean (by Vietnamese standards but not by mine) and that is all the space you have if you want to walk around a little bit. If I needed a walk then I had to take my motorbike and find a park (and they are crowded too). After ten years living there my health is strongly affected by the noise, pollution, and stress.

Those who are ready to experience the local culture and meet local people are welcome to move in!

There are many other reasons but we are here to talk about the best place to live in Ho Chi Minh City.

For the new home, we wanted a place without traffic, a place where we can go out for a walk without travelling 15 km for that, a quiet place where you can watch TV without hearing your neighbor’s TV. We wanted a place where my 7 year old daughter can enjoy her childhood, can live in an open space, and has a place where she can ride the bike and play with other kids.

Believe me or not but such a place is very difficult to find in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, if you have deep pockets, which is not my case, you can rent (or buy) a villa in one of the modern areas of Saigon.

There are many modern apartment buildings all over Saigon with big spacious apartments but you will face the same issues: go out the building and you are in the middle of the traffic, and for sure you are going to hear music from the nearby supermarket. So, we visited a lot of places and finally we found the best place to live in Ho Chi Minh City.

District 7, Phu My Hung, Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a complex of apartment buildings located in Phu My Hung area of District 7. What I like about Sky Garden is that on the second floor all the buildings are linked together; basically it is like a large boulevard above the street level and there you can find convenient stores, restaurants etc. There is a swimming pool and tennis courts as well.

There is no traffic, there aren’t annoying peddlers, and there is no karaoke to destroy your brain. It is like a small city within a bigger city. There is plenty of space for kids to play, a gym, and it is a clean place. The vast majority of the Sky Garden’s residents are not Vietnamese (they are mostly Koreans) but you can find Indians, Japanese, and westerners as well.

In my opinion, that boulevard is what sets Sky Garden apart from other apartment buildings and in my opinion if you want a normal place to live then Sky Garden definitely should be considered.

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