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Tips on learning English – Tip 10 – Review if you want to remember

Yes, review if you want to remember. We, humans, remember what we learn for short time. If you want to remember for long time then you have to review what you have learned. This is particularly valid for learners of English who learn English at school but then do not use English on daily basis.

It might sound strange but you should review what you learned five minutes ago. If you learn a new English lesson then spend five minutes at the end for reviewing it. It is very likely to forget some vocabulary items so reviewing the lesson immediately after learning is a step ahead for long term memorization.

Rewriting is another great way of reviewing things. I was not aware of this until I saw one of my students doing it. She said that at home she will rewrite and reorganize the whole English lesson in another notebook and the vocabulary part will be learned and copied in her own made dictionary. She said that in this way she can keep everything organized and help her to remember everything better.

In my opinion everybody should review what they have learned on schedule basis. As I said, review once immediately after learning, once a day in the first three days, once a week in the first month, then once a month in the first year. It sounds like a lot of reviewing but this is the best practice. Without reviewing we forget which means we spent time learning for nothing!

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