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Tips on learning English – Tip 11 – Watch the same video many times

Everybody knows the importance of listening in learning English. There is nothing better than understanding spoken English since you can find whatever information you need in English language. Unfortunately, listening seems to be the most difficult part of learning English but it can be easy if you know how to do it.

There is one single simple tip to improve your listening skills and that is: listen to spoken English over and over again until you understand everything.

That’s why watching TV is not the best idea because you just listen once then everything is gone. If you couldn’t understand then there is nothing you can do about it. But, if you watch a DVD or a YouTube video and you can’t understand a word or a part of a sentence then you can watch it again and again until you understand it.

It is like learning to ride a bicycle. You have to try many times before you can ride well. If you don’t try again after you fall down then you will never ride a bike. It is the same with listening, or any other skill for that matter, trying many times is the key to success. YouTube videos and DVDs have the option to choose the subtitles in a particularly language and there is nothing more useful when practicing your listening skills.

There are three things that have to be done if you want to get better at listening. They are : practice, practice again, and more practice.

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