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Tips on learning English – Tip 2 – Create your own routine and an optimal learning English environment

“Today I learned English, tomorrow I won’t because I learned today, then Saturday and Sunday is coming. I will learn English again on Monday but probably I will be too tired for that after the crazy weekend so better learn English again on Tuesday.” This is how people who want to learn English, but they never will, think.

A foreign language can not be learned like that. Nothing in this world can be learned like that. If you want to learn English then you have to emerge yourself in an environment that is optimal for this matter. You need a routine, a very strict routine.

My tip
Routine + Environment = Learn English

Learning English Routine

According to your schedule, designate a clear time for learning English (one hour a day is a good beginning) and respect it. Learn English everyday. Learn all four skills since all of them are related and learning one skill helps you learning the others. When you are learning don’t do other activities such as eating or watching TV, that’s not learning.

Learning English environment

You can create an optimal environment for learning English by watching only English speaking TV channels, English movies, and read books written in English. You might be able to find a friend who is eager to speak English with you so you can practice the language. Imagine yourself hearing, speaking, reading, and writing only English during the evenings from seven to nine o’clock; and that’s everyday!

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