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Top 5 reasons why you should not teach English abroad

Although there are many reasons why you should teach English abroad, one may consider these five reasons why not to teach English abroad. Life, as an English teacher abroad, is not always pink and there are many reasons you should not do it. Here are my top five reasons why you should not teach English abroad.

  1. Salary - I want to tell you that teaching English abroad does not make you a rich man. I have not met anyone who saved a ton of money teaching English abroad. From the salary you earn you have to pay for rent, food, clothes, save some money for visiting your home etc. There won’t be much left to save in your bank account. So, if your only purpose for teaching English abroad is to save money then you should consider something else.
  2. Travelling - Many people teach English abroad because they want to travel but don’t forget that you have a job first. If you have a job then you can’t travel. There is no time for travelling. One of my friends could travel for four days somewhere on a beach in the south of Vietnam after almost one year of teaching. That’s because he is always busy teaching. So, if your only purpose for teaching English abroad is travelling then there are other ways of doing it.
  3. Away from family and friends - First two weeks is fine but then you will miss everything; your family, your friends, your home etc. You will make new friends abroad but they will never be like the friends you have at home. Maybe, if you stay long enough, you will make some good friends but otherwise you realize that your new friends are just acquaintances who don’t really care about you except for hanging out and drinking beer.
  4. Career - This is what is going to happen: you spend a great amount of time teaching English abroad, usually when you are young (in your twenties, in your thirties) and you see your friends back home finding new jobs, developing their careers, getting better jobs with better salaries. In all this time you teach colors and animals for a bunch of Asian children in a crappy kindergarten. After a few years, when you decide to come back home, you realize that you are far behind your friends and you have to start everything from the beginning.
  5. Food - Many people don’t realize that if a kind of food looks good in pictures it does not mean it is also tasty. Asian food is so different than western food and although it is eatable you won’t like to eat it everyday. So, attention, you are going to live with that kind of food for the next few years which is not something very pleasant.

These are my top 5 reasons why somebody should not teach English abroad and they are not the only reasons. There are many other reasons!

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