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Top 5 reasons you should teach English abroad

Teaching English abroad is not easy but it has its benefits and this is what we are going to talk about today. So, I am going to present you my top five reasons, in no particular order, why you should teach English abroad.

  1. Traveling - Everybody likes traveling and teaching English abroad gives you the opportunity to travel and see places that otherwise you wouldn’t see. For example, if you teach English in Vietnam it is very easy to visit Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  2. Learn a new language - There is nothing better for your CV, but not only, than speaking a second language. The ability of learning and speaking a second language is something that says a lot about a person. Of course, you might learn a second language without going abroad but living in a foreign country, experiencing its culture, and interacting with local people is a great advantage when learning a new language and it makes the learning process much smoother, enjoyable, and definitely very useful.
  3. International work experience - This is an important thing because living and working abroad proves that you are able to change and adapt yourself to different working and living environments, a skill that at a moment in life will prove to be very useful and it will always be a plus for your CV.
  4. Experiencing a new culture - Experiencing a new culture is an interesting and pleasant experience at the beginning and it usually becomes a pain as you start getting used with it. But after six months or so it becomes an interesting and pleasant experience again. At least this happened to me. I think experiencing and understanding a new culture changes you, makes you a wiser man and it definitely helps you to understand and appreciate your own culture.
  5. Start a new life and personal growth - Many times people wish to start everything again, to do everything better without repeating the same mistakes. Well, moving to a new country is a good opportunity to do that. It is a good opportunity to break you unhealthy routine and start a better one. Moving to a new country allows you to start everything from the beginning, to allocate more time to things that you enjoy doing or you should do. You suddenly find yourself having a lot of free time, time that you can use to learn something new for example, and, maybe the most important, all of your old problems completely disappear: your phone doesn’t ring anymore, you don’t watch those dispirited TV news, your friends don’t ask you to help them with different things, you don’t understand and you won’t care probably about local people and new country’s problems, and you will feel in a continuous vacation.

These are my top 5 reasons why you should teach English abroad (definitely, there are more reasons for doing that) and I believe that everybody who can speak English good enough to be an ESL teacher, should try to teach English abroad. Not everybody would like it but it would be an interesting experience.

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