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Top 5 things that annoy me in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Living in Vietnam is an interesting experience. Vietnam is a country fulfilled with history and its people are friendly. However, it is not really easy to get use with Vietnamese style. There are many things that I can not get used with, although I have been living here since 2005. Here are the top 5 things that annoy me in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Most of shops (especially big ones) draw attention of possible customers by playing music. The music is so loud that many times you can not hear the TV inside of your house. Of course, you can not complain anywhere. Everybody will tell you “this is Vietnam, get use with it”. There is noise everywhere because of the high density of population and everybody uses scooters which results in high noise pollution.


There is no way to avoid the traffic. Whenever you go out of the house you have to face Saigon’s traffic. Millions of motorbikes running all over the street from all directions is the picture of Ho Chi Minh City’s traffic. In my opinion the traffic is the one that makes Saigon so dangerous, nothing else can compare with it. At least once a week I can see a live accident (usually often).


The sidewalk is supposed to be use for walking. Well, if you are pedestrian then you should reconsider the way you travel. There are sidewalks but they are fulfilled with motorbike parking lots, ambulant restaurants where people have a cheap meal and owners do their dishes, hammocks where important shop’ guards take a rest, extensions of shops that present their latest products etc.

Buses horns

Only Turkish truck drivers in Europe can compare with bus drivers in Vietnam (and other big vehicles). Bus drivers in Vietnam benefit from the latest technology in horning. These horns are specially designed to blow up your brain and ear sense exactly as the ultrasounds do with kidney stones. They do use the horns in any circumstances which happen every 3 seconds. It seems that nobody does anything about it.

Wedding parties

In Vietnam wedding parties last for 2 hours. They can take place during the lunch time or dinner time from Monday to Sunday. If the invitation card says 5.30 pm then you are expected to come somewhere between 6.30 pm and 7 pm. Foods come one after another and there is no cold beer. Instead of cold beer you will get a big chunk of ice that will cool down your beer. You will get drunk harder as well because you end up drinking 50% water – 50% beer. I have no clue about other countries but in Romania wedding parties start in the evening and finish in the morning and there is music and people dance.

So, these are my top five things that annoy me in Vietnam. They do not mean I don’t enjoy living in Vietnam!

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