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Top 5 tips for delayed corrections in ESL/EFL classroom

Corrections are very important but when to make these corrections is even more important. Here are few tips for delayed corrections.

It’s important to monitor

Walk around the classroom while the students are doing an activity, listen carefully to the students and make notes of students’ error as you monitor.

Keep a low profile

If it is possible don’t do any kind of corrections during the monitoring; corrections distract learners from the task. Be “invisible” during monitoring.

Classify mistakes into different categories

It is a good idea to classify the mistakes, for example: grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, pronunciation mistakes etc, according to the purpose of the task.

Use different parts of the board for different error types

Write on the top right the grammar errors and in the top left the pronunciation errors. This technique helps both, the teacher and the students.

Use colors

Use different colors for different kind of errors. This might be combined with the previous tip for a greater result.

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