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Top 7 great reading activities for learners of English

Almost every ESL lesson starts with reading. The whole lesson is based on a reading activity done at the beginning of the lesson which makes reading a very important skill to be mastered. Here I have compiled seven great reading activities to be done in ESL classroom.

Reading Bingo (reading at word level)

The teacher gives out bingo cards with known vocabulary on them. He reads out items of vocabulary and the winner is the first person who ticks all the words. It is basically a normal bingo game played with words, not with numbers.

Find and underline (reading at word level)

The teacher gives to students a text about eating habits for example. The learners must underline all the types of food mentioned in the text.

Odd one out (reading at the word level)

The teacher writes words on the board and the students have to say which one is odd one out.
Example: Monday, Friday, June, Sunday etc.

Matching (reading at word level)

The teacher gives out pictures of known vocabulary, and the corresponding words on cards. The learners must match the pictures with the corresponding words from the cards.

Ordering (reading at text level)

The teacher gives out a text but the sentences are in the wrong order. The learners must put the text in the correct order.

Describing pictures (reading at sentence level)

Learners read a series of sentences and choose the correct picture in each case. For example, there are two pictures, one of a lamp on a table, and one of a lamp on a chair. The learners read “The lamp is on the table” and must choose the correct picture.

Next word (reading at sentence level and text level)

The teacher gives out a short text. The teacher begins to read the text to the class, but every now and then stops and asks, “What is the next word?”

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