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Verbs not normally used in continuous tenses

The below verbs are not usually used in continuous tenses. In some situations, the continuous form is used in idiomatic expressions or in definite action’s descriptions.

Thoughts or Feelings
Appear Mean
Appreciate Mind
Be Miss
Believe Need
Consider Prefer
Desire Realize
Dislike Recognize
Doubt Remember
Feel Seem
Hate Think
Know Understand
Like want

These verbs are rarely used in a continuous tense. However, verbs like: think, consider, or mean sometimes appear in a continuous tense (especially in the Present Perfect Continuous).

We need to discuss the situation.
We think that this is a serious issue.
We consider it to be a problem.
We want to make several improvements.
Bob is thinking about his problems.
We has been considering a variety of solutions.
He has been meaning to talk to you about it.
What I was meaning to say when you interrupted me is that ...
I was minding my own business when suddenly ...
He was being nice.
He’s being clever again (used in the opposite meaning that the person being spoken about is "pretending" to be this, often used sarcastically).
I’m missing you so much.
I was just thinking about you.
I’m thinking about buying a new car.
I’m liking this. (Became quite common after the emergence of the Coke ad below.)
I’m loving it! (Coke advert, which produced other similar expressions such as "I’m so loving this/that/it)".
They thought he was wanting in eloquence. (However, "wanting" is an adjective here meaning "lacking").

Feel Smell
Hear Sound
Look Taste

These verbs sometimes appear in a continuous tense in a description of a specific action or in certain idioms.

The ocean looks cold today.
The wind feels very cold and damp.
I am looking at the ocean now.
I am feeling a little seasick.

belong to Own
Cost Posses

These verbs almost never appear in continuous tenses, except for the verb "have". In idiomatic use, "be having" has many meanings, including "be experiencing" or "be eating/drinking".

We own a house in Vietnam.
It belongs to my wife and her sister.
We have been having fun lately.
We are having a party next week.

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