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What schools hire ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam without degree and teaching certificate?

This is another interesting question that comes from one of my YouTube viewers and I believe it might be interesting for many other viewers.

So, this viewer has few questions:

What schools hire ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam without degree and teaching certificate?

Below are my answers to all of the above questions, one at a time.

Question no 1 - So my main question for you is what kind of schools hire these foreigners without degrees and without certificates?

There are many schools that hire foreigners without a degree or without a teaching certificate or without both. These are small schools, with fewer students (clients) who can not afford to pay a higher salary for a “proper” English teacher. These schools can not pay $15 and up but they will be happy to pay around $13 or even less. A teacher who has a university degree and a CELTA (or equivalent) certificate will not work for $13/hour but one without a degree and a certificate will work. These schools hire non-native speakers of English too as long as they are “white skin”. They do that for the same reason, money.

The learners will never know that the teacher was a construction worker in England for example; all they will ever know is that teacher is a native speaker of English who is “white skin”. It doesn’t mean that person is not a good teacher. He or she might be very talented at teaching ESL and learners might love that teacher. At the end everybody could be happy!

Question no 2 - How do I find these schools?

These are either new opened schools or schools located in less accessible areas for foreigners (like marginal districts of Saigon). Long time ago I worked for a serious school, that didn’t pay high salary but always pay it on time, so many teachers worked there for a short period of time (usually until they could find a school that offers better salary). These kinds of schools usually hire teachers. In order to find these schools you should buy a map, choose an area on the map, then take a xe om (motorbike taxi) and go around that area.

Question no 3 - What is the pay range? Is it good pay or is it very low?

Usually these schools don’t pay as much as other well established schools would pay but you should expect $13 / hour. But again, you don’t have to work there forever, you will always find better teaching opportunities!

Question no 4 - I realize many teachers work several part time places (again, what kind of schools are these?) so that in working several schools part time they make enough to live on?

An English teacher in Vietnam can make easily $1000. Usually they make more than that (around $1500) and in some cases even $2000. For example, a school will give you 2 classes (2 hours/class) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That is 12 teaching hours. Another school will give you 2 classes (2 hours/class) on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That is 12 teaching hours. Another school will give you 2 classes (1.5 hours / class) on Saturday and Sunday mornings (children classes). That is 6 teaching hours. At a pay rate of $15/hour you can get $450/week. This is a fortunate example. You might not have classes on Sundays and Thursdays for example! Sometimes you have days off. Sometimes a class finishes the course book and you don’t have another class. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

Question no 5 - Do you think my Filipina girlfriend can find teaching work there? How much can she make?

Your girlfriend is not “white skin”, she doesn’t have a university degree, nor a teaching certificate. I think it would be very difficult for her to find a teaching job in Vietnam. If she still wants to try to find a job in Vietnam I recommend her to try to find a job at a kindergarten. They do hire Filipino teachers and they usually pay quite well. At the kindergarten I work for, there are two Filipinas who have been working there for very long time, they are very skilled English teachers, and they are paid as much as the other English teachers.

That is pretty much it. I hope I could answer my YouTube viewer’s questions and hopefully others will benefit as well.

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