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Where can I get an ESL/EFL teaching certificate

Do you want to teach English as a Second language? Do you think Vietnam is the right place to start your adventure? Then, you need a teaching certificate such as CELTA or TESOL.

As I have mentioned in many of my articles on my website, having a teaching certificate is very important if you don’t have any teaching experience.

Vietnamese recruiters always ask for a teaching certificate and if you don’t have one then your chances to get a job are not very high. So, my advice, you should consider getting a teaching certificate. You really learn a lot of things during the course. An on-line course is not the best solution, not in Vietnam where people are reticent at everything means on-line education.

Personally, I have looked around for a teaching certificate, I have asked dozens of people where I can get a teaching certificate and which one should I choose and almost all of them came up with the same answer: “CELTA is better than TEFL/TESOL”. Anyway, I have chosen CELTA (I think both are good courses) because I could find the course here in Vietnam and it was held somewhere near my home, take a look at ILA Vietnam website.

CELTA is a very intensive course (it lasts 4 weeks), it contains teaching practice (you get the tutor’s feedback after teaching, which is probably the most valuable part of the course) and of course some theory and other things you have to know about teaching methodology. You will be asked to complete an assignment every week which is not very difficult. The CELTA is a little bit more expensive than the other options and during the course you shouldn’t plan any trip or “party”; you have to focus 100% on the course if you want to pass it.

Taking CELTA in Vietnam (if you want to teach in Vietnam) is better than taking it in another country because it has some personalized parts, especially designed for teaching English for Vietnamese learners. Also teaching practice is done with Vietnamese students; all these things will help you in your future job.

As I know, ILA Vietnam hires new CELTA graduates who take the course with them but you must have a bachelor degree. Many of my CELTA colleagues are still working for ILA. The salary is good, the school is serious and you can make your living working for ILA. (I haven’t worked there but this is what others told me).

CELTA is recognized everywhere in the world, so if you would like to teach in another country (such as Korea, China, Japan etc) your CELTA certificate will be very valuable.

CELTA is also offered by Apollo. I mentioned ILA more because I took the course there but Apollo offers the same course.

If you think that CELTA is too expensive then you may want to take a look at the TESOL certificate offered by Australia-Vietnam school of English. Two of my Romanian friends completed the course in July 2014 and they were very happy with it. Basically, it is the same course, you learn the same things, and it is a little bit cheaper.

IMPORTANT! Update: I contacted the people at Australia-Vietnam school of English and I tried to meet them but I couldn’t. I wanted to learn more about their school and their services but they seem to be very “busy”. They seem to be not very serious, and unprofessional. I stopped recommending them. Meanwhile I learn a few other things about the schools and their course, things not really pleasant!

So, if you need a teaching certificate and you want to take the course in Vietnam, here I am talking about Saigon, the options are ILA and Apollo for CELTA certificate, and Australia-Vietnam school of English for TESOL.

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