European Union is dying

European Union to confiscate bank deposits

Who said that? The President of Ministers of Finance from EURO zone, the Dutch minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Will they do it? Yes, they will, that’s for sure! European Union will confiscate part of bank deposits of its citizens; first Cyprus, as you already know, then all other European countries. And this is not all, all other countries in the world will follow Europe’s example.

Why is European Union confiscating bank deposits of its citizens

The reason is obvious, because there is no money anymore, because Europe is in bankruptcy. Europe has failed! Even Germany announced recession for 2013.

But why there is no money anymore? Because those who/that produce money have left Europe. Private companies left Europe and started producing in Asia. But Europe keeps spending money for stupid ideas/things (one of them is social protection).

Back to the bank deposits (that are going to be confiscated), they said that only bank accounts that are “fatter” than 100.000 euros will be affected. Of course, at the beginning is just like that, then when this money is finished they will want to confiscate again, but surprise, there are no accounts “fatter” than 100.000 euros. What is to be done? Looking at the “slimmer” accounts. If it is done once then it will be done continuously, there will be no shame to confiscate people’s money.

The disaster is just at its beginning. The financial crisis has just begun. Doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account, one thing I can tell you for sure, If you have money in an European bank account then these communists will confiscate it and you will have nothing.

European Union has chosen the communism – It spends more than it produces

Yes, European Union spends money like 20 years ago when it was a big manufacturer and there was plenty of money. The situation has changed: European Union is a land of social protection and laziness.

There is only one solution left for the old Europe. Start producing again, start working, and stop promoting laziness. But the sweet Europe has chosen the nationalization which means to steal from another one who is not poor and has money. This is the communist solution. But these who have money soon will protect it, the European communist politicians won’t be able to steal anything anymore, and everybody will die of hunger. That means the end of European Union.

Socialism in the European Union and United States will die

Why? Because they are not rich anymore but they spend money like they are. Once you are used to spend money, it is hard to go back to austerity measurements, especially when you don’t spend your money but citizens’ money. The result: stock market and financial system will collapse completely. The disaster is knocking on the door.

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