First Earth-like planet ever discovered

Today, in space records we have the first Earth-like planet ever discovered. People were looking for Earth-like planets since they first invented the telescope (maybe even earlier). But only in 2011 (December 5th) the discovery of such a planet was first announced.

There were 700 discovered planets believed to reside within the habitable zone of their stars therefore believed to be similar to our own planet, Earth. The first discovered of this 700 planets is called Kepler-22b.

Kepler-22b is located 600 light years away and it is 2.4 times larger than the Earth. Kepler-22b orbits its star in just 290 days and its surface temperature could be 22 Centigrade (that is 72 degree Fahrenheit).

This is an exciting discovery and the scientists believe that there are many other planets like Kepler-22b. Probably there are so many Earth-like planets out there that soon rich people would be able to buy one.

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