First pulsar ever discovered

Today, in space records we have the first ever discovered pulsar. For those who don’t know, pulsars are stars. Stars emit radio signals and astronomers can spot these radio signals.

On November 28th, 1967, two British astronomers (Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Hewish) spotted a radio signal from another star. But, this signal wasn’t like other signals they have spotted before. This signal turned on and off at regular intervals.

Each pulse lasts 0.04 seconds and it is emitted every 1.3373 seconds. This phenomenon was called “Little green man 1” or LGM 1. They didn’t really know at that time what they discovered but they discovered what today we know to be a pulsar, a pulsating star.

Pulsars rotate very fast and they are the remnants of a supernova. Later, the pulsar discovered by the two British astronomers was named CP 1919.

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