French people and their revolutions

Many times I wondered why French people were so revolutionary. They had the Jacquerie, then the revolution of 1789, the two Paris Communes, the revolution of 1848, anti-Nazi resistance etc. Why were not English people that revolutionary? They can praise only with bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1647, which establish the dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell and the revolution of 1848. Now, I understand why!

Because of the great climate, France had a big population, while English people were dizzy because of so much fog.

French revolution known as Jacquerie, derive from the “underground” name Jacques, which was used by revolutionaries. This revolution took place before the bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1789 lead by the lawyer Maximilien Robespierre.

Another issue that many history teachers stutter and do not know the answer is in the Paris Commune. Paris Commune, the revolutionary faction, it became known starting on July 14, 1789 (the fall of the Bastille). It had ramifications throughout France. In 1792, for several months, was the main force of the revolution.

The second Paris Commune was founded in 1870 and in 1871 for two months, took the lead in Paris, did state in state, have dissolved the marriage, nationalized factories and worship places and other measures in order to cross directly to Communism (fixed price etc). Communards called themselves revolutionaries and army officers, merchants, bankers, etc. passed on their side.

Cathedrals and monastic properties were nationalized during the revolution of 1789, but as stated earlier, Paris had become another state, led by Communards. French Revolution of 1789 lasted 10 years until 1799 when the little Corsican, Napoleon Bonaparte took the leadership of the country. Corsica has always been disputed between France and Italy, sometimes it belonged to France sometimes to Italy.

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