Hatred against Jewish

Did you hear of mass extermination camps? Probably yes. Surprisingly, the mass extermination camps were not on German territory, they were in Poland and the Soviet army set them free. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why some people deny the Holocaust. Soviet army conquer Hitler’s lair and discovered and examined Hitler’s body.

All above are well known things. In all economic articles, and not only, there are different comments related to Jews. Everybody says: Jews lead the world, Jews invented the communism, Jews start the financial crisis etc. They didn’t have land but they had money, a reason why Jews studied in the best schools, have a good education and therefore they occupied good administrative positions and lead different political parties and organizations.

During the Great Depression in the years 1929-1933, hatred against Jews resumed. All European newspapers contained anti-Jewish articles: Jews are responsible for the crisis, Jews bankers have caused the crisis, Jews do not work, Jews do only speculation and fraud. This is what newspapers wrote all over Europe, not only in Germany.

In January 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Were formed shock troops and assault battalions. In the Crystal night (or long knives), Jewish shops were smashed and looted. The attackers were civilians dressed in brown Nazi party uniform. Party uniform and military uniform are two different uniforms. Hitler always wore clothes very similar to the uniform of the party, but those clothes were not uniforms. Hitler enrolled as a volunteer in World War I, was awarded twice with the Iron Cross but he was corporal all his life and whenever an officer was around, he had a nervous thrill.

The roots of hatred against Jews descended from ancient times, from Biblical times. The first reason of hatred against Jewish is biblical. Arabs are the first people with ancestral hatred against Jews. According to the Bible, the Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s son and the Egyptian servant Hagar, who were sent away by Sarah, his wife (and half sister) of Abraham. So, Arabs descend from the first son of Abraham, while Jews are the descendants of Isaac, Abraham’s second son, resulted from the incest relationship with his half-sister Sarah.

Under the laws of that time, it was not incest, but according to the ethics of modern days, is immoral. Under the laws at that time, Ismael was legitimate; he was made with Sarah’s maidservant (also with the accord of Sara). Complicated situation which leaded to the conflict. Ismael had right to inheritance and he shouldn’t be banished. In fact, some patriarchs (among the 12 patriarchs) were made with the serfs of their wives.

The second reason of anti-Jewish hatred is also religious. Jews crucified Christ and they remained with the Mosaic religion. Another reason to hate Jewish. After the Jewish State dissolved, in order to escape the persecution, Jews were scattered around the world, dealing with different trades. Some became wealthy and began to lend money (usury). Another reason to hate Jewish.

By 1398 if I remember correctly, a wave of anti-Jewish persecution started in all Catholic countries in Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal. Many Jews were killed then. The pretext was religious but the real reason was financial. Debtors could not pay their debts and they instigated poor towns against Jewish, basically they instigated to pogrom. Same pretext and the same reason was behind the pogrom in Tsarist empire.

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