Hitler was a masochist

Hitler was a corporal, the lowest military rank possible. The first rank after soldier was corporal, then sergeant. Those military ranks were given to those who weren’t professional soldiers, those who didn’t want to make a career in the army.

Hitler joined the army forces voluntarily during the First World War. He was responsible with the war correspondence; basically, he was a mailman in the army. He was a brave man during the First World War and he received two Iron Cross decorations plus several other decorations.

It is possible that Hitler hasn’t killed even a fly with his own hands. Whenever an officer from German army was around him, he had a nervous tremor. After the end of the Second World War a widow of a Nazi officer said that once she slept with Hitler and he was masochist. He was always yelling at her to hit him harder. The widow finally got very scared and left Berlin.

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