Hitler was Satan’s ally

I have just read on a news website that Hitler made a pact with Satan in 1932 to have full control and power over the world for 13 years. In change Hitler will give the devil his soul. The source also mentions that the pact exists and it is written with Gothic characters. It is said that many famous people have made a pact with the devil (example: Elisabeth the first, the queen of England, the daughter of the king Henry the eight and Anna Boleyn etc.)

The truth is that people love reading such crazy things and of course, the journalists write for them. I would probably do the same. There were favorable moments in the lives of every famous people. They became famous just because of these moments that led to a happy end for them. In Hitler’s life there were a lot of such favorable moments.

The most important and best known, which I have written before, is that in which Rudolf Hess, a Nazi captain, assisting to a speech of Hitler when he was just a simple member of the Nazi party, having just an unimportant job as a party member, exclaimed: “This is the man! This is the man we need!”

The fate decided that Rudolf Hess came through that obscure town and the same fate made Hitler to have a speech exactly in that day. Other Nazi chiefs were not so greatly excited about Hitler like Rudolf Hess was, but seeing the enthusiasm and excitement of Rudolf Hess, agreed to propose Hitler to be the party leader.

In the case of Napoleon, the situation was similar. When he was a mere officer, he wanted so much to come to Paris to the officers’ ball, but he did not have money even for a carriage, and of course he did not have money to pay for the entry fee and for many other things. He arrived on foot in a very small village of France and he stopped at a peasant house.

There, the daughter of the host, Desiree, falls in love with Napoleon. Napoleon promised her that he will marry her and asked her to convince her parents and relatives to lend him money. After receiving the money, he forgot about Desiree and begins a relationship with Josephine, the widow of a senior officer. She was very rich and he met her exactly at that ball.

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