Hitler’s ethnic and social background

For someone to understand the affirmations “The two World Wars were imperialist wars”, “World War II was nothing more than the continuation of the first one”, and “fascism is the most reactionary form of imperialism”, he must have studied a lot and have a deep thinking otherwise everything could be seem as contradictory. The German bourgeois reactionary circles needed a party to win elections and that party was the Lumpenproletariat party. They needed a leader and this leader was the lumpenproletarian Adolf Hitler.

Ethnic origin of this character has always risen much controversy, some claiming that he was 100% Jew, others said that he was only 50% Jew and so on going up to a 32-hand, but others arguing strongly that he was purely German. If you take a look closely at the pictures and movie archives is far from the German’s image, blonde with blue eyes, typical image of most of the German people. Some have argued loudly that no more, no less, he was a Gypsy. Maybe those people think that he was a gypsy because of the actor Charlie Chaplin (Gypsy), who played the Hitler’s role in the movie “The Dictator”, to be fed this idea. The fact is that not all Germans are blond with blue eyes; neither any blonde with blue eyes is German.

At that time, ethnic origin was written in civil registers, but that does not mean anything because a German woman married with a German man, could make a child with a Jew or a Gypsy, and who knew? Nobody! Since the end of the Second World War people have been looking for evidence, including in the Gestapo archives, but nobody could prove that he had Jew or Gypsy blood in him. It does not mean he had not. I can not, in any circumstances, say he had or not Jew of Gypsy blood.

Hitler’s father was a very severe man, as many other fathers over the time. Hitler was bitten by him very badly and very often. The reasons were: he did not study well at school, did not listen conscientiously, did not do enough work in the household etc. All these severe beatings have affected Hitler mentally and emotionally, leaving a deep imprint on his personality and even on his sexuality.

Many books or chapters of books have been written about this topic. If the ethnic origin raised controversy, in turn, his social origin did not raise any controversy: he was born poor, he was poor all his life and he died poor. After his parents died, he and his younger sister named Paula (the only sibling still alive) received social support from the Austrian town hall where they were born.

After he became chancellor of Germany in January 1933, he received chancellor allowance and that was all. After the war, his sister Paula said to U.S. investigation authorities that Hitler asked her to live under the name of Paula Wolf (wolf was Hitler’s nickname in childhood), to tell nobody that she is Hitler’s sister, and to work conscientiously. She was secretary to a company in Austria which fired her soon after they found out that she is the German chancellor’s sister (this happened before the annexation of Austria to the Third Reich).

She showed money orders where was written the amount of money received from Hitler (small amounts) and she said she has always worried about the rapid rise of her brother and could not believe that Hitler knew of the existence of concentration camps, moreover she does not think he would have approved such thing. She admitted that both she and her family hate Jews very much.

I am thinking about Poland misfortune, a big misfortune, to be situated between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, this country was divided between the two dictatorships. The Soviets arrested and deported to the Soviet Union 22,000 active officers and reservists. The list was compiled according to the civil registers where they were listed as officers.

I am thinking that a Soviet bread ration was 125 grams per day, that many old people and young children died of starvation as they have not even get that ratio, that the prisoners were taken to labor camps and what food could they receive at a time when NKVD officers fell on the street from hunger, that the Nazi concentration camps were only in Poland, that the documentaries show people who are actually only skin and bones, films made by the Soviets, because they set free the concentration camps but could not find the Nazi documents because they were burned by retreating camp authorities, in turn, the same Nazi authorities took care not to destroy Hitler’s medical file, where the Hitler’s dental work was found and then was used to reconstitute the identity of the corpse.

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