Ideological substrate and the smoke bomb

After the Second World War, especially in Western Europe were founded right-wing political parties or even Nazi parties. Some people were afraid, saying, “Poor us, what will we do if the Nazism comes on power again? There will be war, concentration camps, terror, Gestapo and everything like it was before?” Others, however, said: “It’s just a smoke bomb. These parties were founded in secret by the state, as a scarecrow, in order for people to be quiet, as if not, that is what they should expect to happen.”

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, particularly in Eastern Europe, communist parties were formed. Again, some have told frightened: “Poor us, what if the communism comes again, with ration cards and queues for buying food, cold in the house and everything else like before.” Similarly, others have said that it is just a smoke bomb. They said: “Even the government has set up to divert our attention from the hard life and make us be afraid that if we do not stay calm and obedient, we will go back to where we started.”

None of them is right. Those parties have nothing to do with Nazism or communism; they are not a continuation of the old parties. The fancy titles and the copied ideologies are useless. If there are no conditions of occurrence, they will not appear, and if ever there will be conditions of occurrence, those parties will appear by transforming one of the existing parties at that time. Similarly, governments do not do unnecessary work to set up parties without a purpose, as many people think.

After the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2007, a cousin of mine told me: “If you had rented the house during the economic boom, not now when is financial crisis”. I replied: “I could find tenants, yes, you are right but what is the point, because all of them were straggler, illiterate patrons with shitty companies, shepherds parachuted in the city like a fly in a bowl of milk, non-sense people bumbling like important gentleman, parvenus and all kind of newcomers! Now, at least the cleaning is done.”

I have read an article on a famous news website that if the European states would not give subsidies, the economy will stop working and it would be blocked. False! Just because it gives subsidies, stealing does not stop and all sorts of economic bubbles are swelled. Everything is a lie and a misrepresentation. Healthy bodies are infested with all kinds of slugs and the result will be that both parasite and infected host will die. Nobody has the courage to take the bull by the horns.

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