In America, bad things replaced good things

In the USA, many good things are not good anymore; they were replaced by the bad versions of them. One good example is rental housing. Construction companies and specialized companies in housing management offered spaces for rent for every pocket; bigger or smaller, luxurious or modest, and cheaper or more expensive. The maintenance was the responsibility of the owner.

The tenant had to pay for the rent only. If he did not like that the owner does not come to repair a broken tap immediately then he will be looking for another place to rent.

Meanwhile, things and laws have changed in favor of tenants. If the tenant did not pay for the rent, the owner could not kick him out of his property. The tenant could sue the landlord because he did not properly maintain the building and his health is now affected by that and seek damage.

Because of this, renting was no longer profitable for landlords. Housings were no longer built for renting but just for selling. This is how the real estate bubble appeared. Everything started from the USA.

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