Jews, religion, and American dream

Zion is the Promised Land by Yahweh only for Jews because Judaism is only for Jews and it considers them the chosen people. From here derives the term Zionism, which is the philosophical current that considers the Jews people superior and all other peoples inferior.

The term anti-Semitic doesn’t mean only anti-Jewish, but anti-Arab and against all Semitic peoples. Many journalists create a big confusion when writing a pompous article title “anti-Semitic attack …” and the article says that an Arab attacked a group of Jews. An Arab is also Semitic.

According to the Mosaic religion, the Messiah has not arrived yet, but when He comes, He will come to save only Jews and He will be born from Jews parents. This is why the Jews have made many children no matter what country they were living in.

Both in biblical times, and, in modern times, there have been isolated cases of conversion of foreigners to Mosaic religion, but they were specifically named and considered second-class people. Lenin was right when he said that religion is the opium of the people. Religion does not make them better people, on the contrary, they become dangerous for other people and the progress of society. The luck of humanity is that besides declared atheists there is an overwhelming crowd formed by undeclared atheists.

It is well know that the U.S. has born the American dream. It was the land of all opportunities (maybe it still is). After each persecution, the Jews fled there. After “Crystal Night” (or Night of Broken Glass or Night of Long Knives) who could escape was lucky. Similar events took place in Soviet Union and many other countries. After the communism was well implemented in Eastern Europe, another wave of Jews left.

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