Kibbutz means island of communism. Who enters a kibbutz, enters with all wealth, but if coming out, coming out with nothing. It is an imitation of early Christians’ style of living.

Ever since I first heard of these kibbutzim, I said, “It is not viable. Only old and poor people will enter a kibbutz. Who will work?”

So it has already happened! Israeli state has helped the kibbutzim with money; otherwise everyone in would have died of hunger. When I made these statements, I had done it only based on reasoning, I haven’t had read yet “the Capital” by Marx or Lenin’s written works, to know that, the communism will be a winner only when all people on the Earth will have consciousness.

All people are scoundrels and bastards. Probably people will be born genetically otherwise I don’t see how to finish with all thefts and evils. Lenin knew that people were not “right”, he said it loudly, but he added that we shouldn’t wait until people will have consciousness, we must take advantage of the favorable conditions and make revolution.

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