Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution

As I have said before, in the life and the revolutionary activity of Lenin, there are many enigmas. Some of them are solved now but there are many still unsolved.

Those who led the USA oil industry were afraid of the competition that could be made by the rising industry of Tsarist Empire so they gave money to Lenin to buy guns and to be able to maintain the civil war. This had a very precise scope: to create disorder and destruction within the Tsarist Empire.

The Kaiser of the German Empire wanted the Tsarist Empire not to take part in the First World War so he gave money to Lenin too, with the same purpose, to buy guns and continue the war within the Tsarist Empire. In this way, the Tsarist army would be busy “solving” internal affairs.

All these money donations have been made in secret. Russian revolutionary organizations have been made and they received anonymous donations. Officially, all European countries, fought against Bolshevik regime after the Great Socialist Revolution of October.

The great occidental powers (France, Great Britain etc) wish the existence of a powerful state between Soviet Union and Occidental Europe to stop the expand of Bolshevik revolution. In this context, with the acceptance of the Occident, in 1918 Romanian countries unified. In 1919 the Hungarian Bolshevik revolution lead by Bella Kuhn took place. This revolution should have been successful if the royal army of Romania wouldn’t intervene.

All these considerations led to international recognition of unification of all Romanian countries through the treaty of Trianon in 1920. So, at the end of the First World War, four empires shattered: Tsarist Empire, Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, and German Empire. The German Kaiser was forced to abdicate so the Weimar Republic was born.

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