Lenin, property and investments

Lenin has said that it is not necessary to wait until people’s consciousness will change and they will become good, honest and fair, but the revolution must be started with the people that already exist because the opportunity that has arisen in domestically and internationally context should not be missed, that the communism will not be built from nothing, but everything the capitalism has built will be forfeit (the material base, science, and technology), which will continue to be developed and improved further.

So, the property of the main means of production passes from the hands of owners in the hands of the working class and the profit obtained will be used for the needs of workers.

Lenin also warned about the danger of appearance of “red bourgeoisie”. That’s exactly what has happened! Those who were leaders over the working class “ownership” became wealthier without any hassle. They never needed to be owners, they were spared of the hassle that an owner usually has. It was enough to have the position since through the position they could get everything.

Now the trick is much higher. The rich are fewer but they are richer and the poor are more and they are poorer. Even now, the ownership of the main means of production is no longer essential. What can be now nationalized? The ownership belongs to investment funds, the employees and the “small” shareholders. Who leads the corporation takes the money. You can have a lot of properties because you look at them and pay taxes for them without having any income.

Now is worse than when it was owned by a patron, because the owner was careful about what investments he does as risking its own property, whereas now they do not care, the corporation boss can get the money only if he makes investments. That’s why empty supermarkets are being built in Romania after they have made empty and desolated airports in Spain and Portugal.

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