I will start a series on this topic because I want to present arguments against an uninspired and very aggressive propaganda against Bolshevism, Lenin and Stalin. In this propaganda are involved journalists, historians and politicians. This is the first part of a series of articles related to Lenin and Bolshevism.

These intelligent people wrote in newspapers that Lenin ordered the Tsar and his family to be executed as revenge because his older brother named Alexander Ulyanov was sentenced to death and executed in 1887 for a failed assassination attempt against the Tsar Alexander the third. If so, then it means that his brother was an anarchist, because only anarchist groups committed attacks against crowned heads.

The most famous anarchist is Gavrilo Princip, the Serbian student who killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo and his morganatic wife. Archduke fate was sealed; he wouldn’t escape under any circumstances, because there were placed armed anarchists on the entire route. If for one reason or another the first anarchist couldn’t shoot then the next one could try and so on. Fate made the attempt to be committed by Gavrilo Princip. He fired all the bullets to be sure that the attack succeeds. If morganatic wife of Archduke would not be nervous and do not get in front of her husband would have escaped with life, because the target was the heir of the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

But let’s get back to Lenin. In his life and work there are many mysteries that have not been elucidated until today, after almost 100 years. One of these mysteries is the choice of a watchmaker Jew as head of the firing squad which executed the Tsar and his family. Nobody knows where Lenin met the watchmaker, why Lenin had so much trust in him and why he didn’t appointed an officer of the Red Army or Cheka for this job. Well, I suddenly had an idea: was that watchmaker an anarchist? Was he a fellow of the executed brother?

First, in February 1917, the bourgeois-democratic revolution started, known as the Kerensky revolution, which was attended by all democratic forces, then the communists began the fight against the bourgeoisie and after the communists winning the fight, the ideological split of communists came like a lightning stroke: Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. There was a bloody repression against the Mensheviks. Do you realize it? If the goal was to physically exterminate the Mensheviks, who were all communists, I think you imagine the bloodbath that was against the landowners and the bourgeoisie.

The tsarist family was in prison at the time of Kerensky’s provisional government. On November 7, 1917 was held the Great October Socialist Revolution by the conquest of the Winter Palace, but until it was well established throughout Russia it took some time. Lenin ordered the Cheka secret service to move the tsarist family to another city and simultaneously gave written order by which he was appointed that Jew watchmaker as head firing squad. The head of firing squad has to choose all other members of the squad by himself. There are several versions. Some historians claim that all members of the firing squad were Hungarians, among them being Imre Nagy, who in 1956 will become the leader of the Hungarian counter-revolution, later sentenced to death and executed. There is also another version, but I will come back to it later on, otherwise I will deviate from subject to much.

After execution, the bodies should be buried in a pool of acid to destroy it completely. Lenin didn’t want the bodies to be buried because people would have gone on pilgrimage to the tomb. Tsarist family was accompanied by several servants. Because the acid pools were located in major cities such as Moscow or Leningrad, they had to be taken there but Cheka had information that a regiment of Czech soldiers in retreat (who fought for the whites, the Czarist army) may release the prisoners, and then, in a small town in the basement of a house known as Ipatiev, Tsar Nicholas the Second, his wife, and the 4 daughters were executed. I didn’t use the word “shot”; I will return to this execution when I write the other version.

Although Lenin’s order referred only to tsarist family, Cheka shot the servants after they learned that the tsarist family was executed and they have seen the Lenin’s written order. Only the watchmaker knew that his mission was the execution of the tsarist family; the execution platoon didn’t know why they were chosen for. They knew only after they went to the basement and they recognized the bodies by face, decorations and clothing, then they understood. The watchmaker showed them the written order signed and stamped by Lenin. They did not hesitate a single moment to execute the order. After everything was over the watchmaker returned to his hometown and he started repairing watches again. He broke the Lenin’s order and became an anonymous, as he was until then. Before braking the order, he made a secret report which was kept in archives, as the other copy of the Lenin’s order, because it was done in duplicate.

These are the rules of conspiracy, you’ve accomplished the mission, you have ensured the withdrawal, then destroy the order. The copy remains in archives.

Over time, many exalted people claimed to have seen the tzar in various labor camps in Siberia, or the princesses. Nobody has taken into account such nonsense things.

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