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Euclidean geometric point

There is not a number that is the largest number. If someone says that there is the highest number denoted by N, I will say a bigger one , N +1 and this rational can continue.

Infinity is a multitude, not a number. The multitude of natural numbers is infinite. So is the set of natural even number, although even numbers represent half of all natural numbers. An area of 9 cm2 for example, contains an infinity of points, which is the same as a square of 25 cm2, although the former one is bigger.

Obviously I referred to the point of Euclidean geometry which has no dimensions. A point made with a pen on a sheet of paper is the representation of Euclidean geometric point and it is not the Euclidean geometric point itself.

Dimensional geometric figures drawn on paper are just projections of three-dimensional representations of geometric figures.
Attention! They are projections of the representations and not of the figures. Euclidean three-dimensional figures can not be modeled in three-dimensional physical space, but only represented.

Mathematics is a sum of conventions. Conventionally agreed to use decimal numeration system, it was easier to be understood by ordinary people (10 fingers on hands and other 10 toes on feet).

Also conventionally established the numbers to be in the following order, 0123456789, but could be in any other order. All were conventionally adopted Arabic numerals (invented by the Indians) replacing the Roman one and the examples can continue.