Maximilien de Robespierre vs. Stalin

Maximilien de Robespierre … Who pronounce French Revolution, automatically associate these words with Maximilien de Robespierre; the smart Jacobin lawyer who leaded the French revolution, become dictator, instigated to the trial and execution of the royal family, has made ​​a significant contribution to the establishment of revolutionary tribunals, has annihilated all his rivals through framing up trials, etc. It seemed that nobody could stay in his way. Anyway, he was arrested, tried, sentenced to death and executed.

Who has never heard about Stalin? The Soviet leader, considered by many the greatest criminal in the history, even before Hitler. Stalin was in charge of Soviet Union for more than 30 years and he died by natural death. The question is: “Why was Robespierre arrested and condemned but Stalin not. There wasn’t anyone to shoot a bullet in the Stalin’s head or even to be arrested, tried, and condemned?”

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