Racing pigeon's food and the garlic oil

One of the best methods when it comes to cleaning racing pigeon's blood is garlic oil. It is well known that the garlic oil mixed with seeds avoids the increase in thickness of pigeon's blood. These are just two of the benefits that the garlic oil has when it is mixed with seeds and administrated to pigeons as food. On thing is sure; everything we find in popular recipes is based on a gram of truth. The below recipe is based on garlic oil and it is particularly good for race pigeons.

As we all know, garlic has anti-toxic properties. Garlic is rich in sodium, sulfur and ether. Garlic is also good for healing some heart diseases as well as for lung, blood pressure, goiter, and for some disease caused by intestinal parasites.

Garlic oil can be found pretty easy in many grocery shops but I prefer making it by myself. Here is how it can be made.

Skin the garlic and put it in a 2 liter bowl. Add a glass of sunflower oil over the garlic in the bowl. Crash the garlic until you obtain a garlic paste (you can use a kitchen robot here). Put the garlic paste in a plastic barrel (10 liter barrel) and add 5 more liters of sunflower oil and mix it to homogenize. Ten days later you will have 5 liters of garlic oil.

Mix a half liter of garlic oil with about 10 kg of pigeon seeds (barley seeds absorbs the oil better than other seeds, however, you can mix it with all kind of pigeon seeds such as corn or wheat). Feed your pigeons with this mixture twice or three times a week.