Top 18 interesting facts about pigeons

Below are few interesting things that you probably didn't know about pigeons. Enjoy reading, pigeons are truly great birds that deserve all our attention.

  1. One of the reasons why pigeons fly easily is because their bones are fulfilled with air.
  2. Pigeons are only birds that suck off the water they drink. They can drink with the head inclined.
  3. Pigeons see in colors and perceive the ultraviolet color.
  4. Pigeons symbolize peace and harmony.
  5. Pigeons can live up to 25 years.
  6. Pigeons can find the way back home even from 2000 km away. Pigeons use the Sun for navigation, according to some scientist. Some others say that pigeons use Earth's magnetic field for that.
  7. Pigeons don't take bath when are sick.
  8. In many cultures, pigeon is associated with the Holly Spirit.
  9. Normally, pigeons live the whole their lives with the same partner. This, makes pigeons, monogamist birds.
  10. Both, female pigeon and male pigeon have the responsibility of hatching eggs (hatching period lasts for 18 days). The male hatches during the day and the female during the night.
  11. Pigeons don't have teeth. The seeds are swallowed in one piece with small pieces of sharp stones and sand. These small stones and sand action as teeth when the pigeon moves its gizzard muscles.
  12. Male and female pigeons kiss each other before the sexual act. Through the kiss, fluids are exchanged which leads to excitation of the reproductive organs.
  13. Both, male and female pigeons have homosexual tendencies quite often if there are not opposite gender partners available.
  14. Pigeons are used in salvage missions on oceans. They can be trained to recognize the orange life-vest.
  15. Pigeon's maximum flying speed is about 70 km/hour. They can fly up to 900 km a day, sometimes even more.
  16. Pigeons can recognize their own reflexion in the mirror.
  17. In old times, pigeons were used to send written messages which were attached on a small ring on the pigeon's foot.
  18. One specie of pigeons (Nicobar) can grow up to 40 cm.