Priests vs. doctors in Romania

It might sound strange but there are 56,000 priests in Romania. If this is a great number or not is not my duty to decide. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against priests. However, comparing this number with the number of the doctors in Romania we are likely to have a shock. There are 48,000 doctors in Romania, lesser than priests, interesting!

Priests have their role in any society and they have to be there but priests don’t save lives. Although they don’t save lives they are more appreciated than doctors and everybody thrust them.

On the other hand, doctors save thousands of lives daily but they are sworn. Every year, good doctors leave Romania and emigrate in better places. Priests don’t go anywhere, except in the new church built on the other side of the road, opposite to the old one.

Another interesting fact is that since the Romanian revolution in 1989 any new hospital has been built, more than that many of the existing hospital were closed. Guess what, the number of churches is almost double!

Now, we prepare to absolve them of taxes, of course, I am talking about priests, not about doctors. What a strange world we are living in!

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