Radiant panels destroy appliances

Somebody posted on a forum a comment saying that he placed a radiant panel in the kitchen and his fridge became very hot consuming energy continuously until it broke few days later. He also installed a radiant panel in the living room and his computer and TV has broken. Could this be true?

The problem is that it is very different for something to be exposed to magnetic radiation than staying in a warm environment. Everybody knows that if an appliance is exposed to the Sun’s rays then it will break.

Definitely, this person’s appliances have broken because of the radiant panels. Since infrared radiation is part of the invisible spectrum of light, people don’t see the danger!

Electromagnetic radiation propagates at a speed of 300,000 km/sec in vacuum and a little slower through the air. When radiation encounters an opaque body, it is absorbed by it and of course the body heats. The air doesn’t heat as much as the body does.

In the case of mechanical radiation, air heats more, and in the case of convection, it heats even more. Here is the thing! Not the light makes things to break, but the electromagnetic radiation does. The metal the appliances are made of makes them get hotter and break.

So, two bodies identical in size and positioned at the same distance from the heat source, heat differently according to the material they are made of. If the iron is not isolated and is connected to the ground then it does not heat.

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