In the lives of the three men who had an overwhelming influence on the 20th century history there were stories that marked their consciousness and radicalized them.

Lenin was radicalized by the fact that his older brother was convicted and executed for an attempt that failed against the Tar Alexander the Second.

Stalin was radicalized by the fact that his first wife whom he had a daughter with, got sick and died. If he had money to buy drugs would have lived. Since then, Stalin caught a deadly hatred against all exploiters and has become an atheist, although he studied at the seminary.

Hitler was radicalized by the suicide of his niece (nice by marriage), Gelly, with whom he wanted to marry. This is the most shocking story that radicalized him. There were other unfortunate events that have marked his childhood, youth and adult life. A young woman who was assaulted by sexual advances of Nazi dictator has committed suicide. After he had seen the autopsy, Hitler became a vegetarian. Hitler felt guilty for the girl’s death for the rest of his life.

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