Real estate generalities

A lot of business owners haven’t built buildings (apartment/office buildings) registered on their companies, because they didn’t want to pay VAT, but registered on their personal names thinking they will sell them like hotcakes. But real estate bubble burst, the crisis installed and housing taxes have doubled and tripled for the second and third house someone owns, not to mention the compulsory house insurance that is a must for everybody.

Times have always been stinking, not only now because is world crisis. Always a man was given meat to eat when he didn’t have good teeth. Now, homes can get cheaper as much as they want, because nobody buys them, not because people don’t have money, but because they have nothing to do with them.

At all times, the main reason people bought houses was speculative. When you could sell your house with a good price, you had nothing to do with money then.

If, hypothetically, tomorrow my home town for example, will fill with factories and workers and renting a house will be much easier, it would not be a really good deal for someone to rent his house. It would be better if that someone will work in the factory and stay in his house. In this way, nobody will shit his house on a cheap price.

Thrifty people have their own homes and don’t want to rent one. Wretched people eat and drink everything they earn, don’t save anything so they can’t afford to buy their own home. In conclusion, they have to rent a house but they want a coop house, because that is cheap and easier to be “destroyed”.

Rent was always a part of a salary and nobody will pay for rent their whole salary or more than they earn.

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