1. Professional Profile

I am Dan, a web developer based in Ireland. I build simple, clean, functional and cost effective websites for businesses and personal use. I set up and customize blogs, on-line photo galleries, e-commerce websites, personal and business cloud storage, and many more.

2. Expertise and Skills

Languages, frameworks, libraries, and services that I currently work with (or I have worked in the past) and are familiar to me (in no particular order).

  • HTML5, CSS3, Animate.css
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, dc.js, crossfilter.js, d3.js,
  • Python, Django, Flask, Pillow (Python Imaging Gallery), Boto (Python Interface to Amazon Web Services), Tkinter (Python GUI toolkit)
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Git & GitHub for version control
  • Stripe for online payments
  • AWS S3 for handling the static files
  • Heroku, A2Hosting, HostMetro for hosting the projects’ files
  • Linux/Windows desktop

3. Portfolio

eMath - JavaScript project

eMath v2.0

eMath – JavaScript project
eMath automatically generates math exercises (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It is built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
Live v1 or Live v2 | GitHub (v2)

Dashboard - Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Dashboard – JavaScript project
Data Visualization project that generates animated and interactive graphs. The graphs are generated by JavaScript with MongoDB and Flask in back-end.
Live | GitHub

e-commerce Coffee Daily

eCommerce with Python

Ecommerce – Python project
Fully functional e-commerce application written in Python. It uses Django framework and it stores data in a PostgreSQL database.
Live  | GitHub

Phonebook Python application

Phonebook written in Python

Phonebook – Python project
This is a Phone book application written in Python and Tkinter. The information is saved into an external file called output.txt. It works with Python 3.X!

Text editor with Python

Text Editor written in Python

Text Editor – Python project
Simple Text Editor application written in Python with a GUI made with Tkinter. It can open, edit, and save text files. It works with Python 2.X!

Calculator with Python

Calculator written in Python

Calculator – Python project
Simple Calculator app written in Python and Tkinter. It does basic mathematical operations and it is the first complete application I have written in Python.

portfolio of Dan Dumitrache

Bootstrap 4.0

Resume – Bootstrap 4.0
This is a single page resume website built with Bootstrap 4.0 (it was my first project at Code Institute, Dublin).
Live  | GitHub

4. Education

  • Diploma in Software Development
    Code Institute, Ireland, 2018
  • CELTA Cambridge ESOL
    ILA Institute, Vietnam, 2009
  • Computerized Accountancy Certification
    CTCE, Romania, 2003
  • Accounting and Statistics – Baccalaureate
    Economic Collage, Romania, 1995

5. Employment history

  • Banh Tay Xinh LTD | Design & Gifts
    2010 – Present | Front-end Web Designer and Developer
    Building websites for Vietnamese market using the following technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap etc.
    Wordpress Theme customization and SEO optimization for Westcoast Dental Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    Singe page SEO optimized websites for veterinary medication products. Beneficiary: Kim Design Co. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • Italicatessen LTD | Ireland
    2020 – Present | Warehouse Operative
    Pick and pack duties, stock and short date products checking, general warehouse maintenance, loading and unloading products, pallete truck operation.

  • Traffic Management Installations | Ireland
    2018-2020 | Traffic Management Operative
    Manually controlling traffic lights, Stop & Go Duties, Gate Duties, lane closures, site maintenance & driving.

  • Lan Anh Kindergarten | Vietnam
    2009-2018 | English, drawing, and swimming teacher
    Teach English, drawing, and swimming according to the kindergarten’s curriculum. Writing montly reports regarding children progression and attending parent meetings.

  • Elio Prod Warehouse | Romania
    2000-2008 | Warehouse Administrator
    Receiving goods and checking the conformity with the invoice, checking expiration date of the products in the warehouse, assigning duties to the warehouse operatives, supervising pick and packing of products for next day delivery, stock control of the products, other warehouse duties.