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Why Soviet Union became a major world military power

In 1941, the coalition formed of Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Romania, France, part of Serbia (controlled by Ustasa) and other small regions attacked the Soviet Union. Before continuing, some explanations are necessary. France allied with the Nazi Germany through the Vicky Government. The real government from Paris moved in exile. In Paris, the French Nazi government failed to install due to the resistance movement which was very active. For these two reasons, the existence of a resistance movement and the existence of a French democratic government in exile, France was the country that won in the World War II. Not the same can be said about Romania for instance. Romania didn’t have a government in exile or a resistance movement. Romania left the Axis on August 23th, 1944 when Red Army entered in Iasi (a city in eastern Romania). Italy left the Axis in 1943 and Duke Benito Mussolini was executed by partisans.

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