Why Soviet Union became a major world military power

In 1941, the coalition formed of Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Romania, France, part of Serbia (controlled by Ustasa) and other small regions attacked the Soviet Union. Before continuing, some explanations are necessary. France allied with the Nazi Germany through the Vicky Government. The real government from Paris moved in exile. In Paris, the French Nazi government failed to install due to the resistance movement which was very active. For these two reasons, the existence of a resistance movement and the existence of a French democratic government in exile, France was the country that won in the World War II. Not the same can be said about Romania for instance. Romania didn’t have a government in exile or a resistance movement. Romania left the Axis on August 23th, 1944 when Red Army entered in Iasi (a city in eastern Romania). Italy left the Axis in 1943 and Duke Benito Mussolini was executed by partisans.

OK, let’s get back to the year 1941. Soviet Union was taken quite unprepared. Although, a spy code-named Lucy announced Stalin about Operation Barbarossa six months before it started, Stalin was convinced that all is just a false and misleading information. He didn’t discuss this problem with anybody, except Lavrentiy Beria. Stalin did the same with the information received from the spy Sorge in Japan. As a result, Stalin sent lots of troops in the Far East. In the Soviet Union was famine, NKVD agents fell down on the road because of the hunger, same as Cheka agents during Lenin time. In Ukraine, three million peasants died of starvation because of Stalin. He wanted them to stick in the collective farm land.

Axis troops entered the Soviet Union causing havoc wherever passed. They had tanks, aircraft, weapons, ammunition, officers with higher education, well planned supply, basically they had everything. On the other hand, the Bolsheviks, had absolutely nothing, starved, they had no air-crafts, uneducated officers, left to wear boots with holes in the soles, basically they had nothing. The Nazis entered deep in the Soviet Union until they got to Stalingrad and besieged it. 200,000 people died of hunger and cold.

Stalin used the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and he proposed him a pact: Stalin will stop the persecution against the church, will not demolish any more churches, will release the priests from prisons and camps in Siberia, but the Patriarch and the other priests of the church have to mobilize the people to prepare for homeland defense. They shook their hands and the whole people mobilized as one man. Everyone worked without money, just for a tin of boiler soup and worked in weapons factories from morning to evening. The engineers designed new weapons, high performance guns, peasants did not cry after their land and everybody worked together preparing the defense of their homeland. Everyone brought their contribution: men, women, children, elderly etc.

Stalingrad was besieged by Axis. 200,000 people died of hunger and cold, but they didn’t surrendered. Germans expected the outcome: the whole city to die of starvation or surrender. As the Germans were waiting, the supply lines worked very well: the Soviets keep receiving food, weapons, ammunition, fuel, everything.

When Stalin found out that the spy Sorge was tried and executed, she realized that the information given by him were true and Japan had no intention to attack the Soviet Union. As a result, Stalin deployed the troops from the Far East to the Stalingrad. Suddenly, a large number of Soviet troops attacked the Germans supply lines. Then they surrounded the German army, just before the winter beginning. Since then, there is a famous proverb: “You were beaten like at Stalingrad.”. The Nazi army had the same fate as Napoleon’s army had. Whomever did not die of cold or bullets, were taken prisoner with the direction, Siberia. When Hitler learned of this situation, he got very angry and he never appeared publicly since then. He spoke only on the radio. The Wehrmacht had begunto collapse. Many have realized that Nazi Germany no longer had any chance to win the war. Conclusion: Nazi army attacked the Soviet Union, the result: Soviet Union focused all its human and material resources on the War Industry and became a major world military power.

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